LadyBoy or Lady

Boyz Town on Soi 13/3 between Beach Road and 2nd Road in Pattaya was at one time the only place you could find a LadyBoy in abundance working in The Bars. Now, we can find many Lady Boys working in The Bars all around town, and after 6 or 7 shots of tequila you might find yourself unsure of the sex of your drinking buddy. I have some useful tools to help you tell the difference. You will need these bits of information because many Lady Boys make themselves very attractive and sometimes it’s hard to recognize whether you’re talking to a man or woman.

So if you need to be sure, here is one useful tip, because checking the crotch area for a penis is not 100% accurate any more. Thailand is one of the top locations in the world for sex change operations and many LadyBoys in Thailand have undergone the surgery. There’s still one thing they can’t change and that is the bones. Thailand has some of the best sex change surgeons in the world, but even the most vain LadyBoy will not have the fortune or be willing to endure the pain of altering their bone structure to fulfill their innermost desire of becoming a woman.

Male & female skeleton comparison

The bone structure of men and women have pronounced differences as can be seen in the diagram. A quick check of the ulna and radius bones of the arm when at The Bar will reveal all the secrets, these bones are found between the elbow and the wrist. The curvature at the elbow of a woman’s arm is noticeably and visually different than a man’s. So just hold your arm out next to the one you’re having gender doubts about and if that arm is straight that’s a man.

I would recommend you doing this test at home with another so you can see the difference immediately when you’re out on your own.

For you first timers in Pattaya, without this little bit of advice you will be unable to tell the difference. And for the Ex Pats living here for a long time, it’s helpful. We don’t want anyone going home like Billie Joe who jumped off the Tallahassee bridge. A classic line from a country and western song from 1975, Ode to Billie Joe. The meaning of that song has several interpretations, but the most accepted interpretation is about a man who loved a LadyBoy and didn’t know it and when he found out, he jumped off the highest bridge in town and killed himself. Another tell tale sign of transgender is, LadyBoys have a tendency to over exaggerate feminine gestures, like playing with their hair or walking by you very often to get your attention. Their voices tend to be deeper and most times they are tall compared to the average Thai woman.

Not all LadyBoys are satisfied with their ability to lure men by their striking vision of feminism. Lately the LadyBoys that hang out on the streets, on the beach, or just on Walking Street have been very aggressive about robbing unsuspecting tourists so be on your guard when in those areas, don’t let them get to close and guard your drink from roofies(Rohypnol the date rape drug).

If Ladyboys are your preference you can find them in Pattaya. And if they are not, now you know just what to look for to be sure.

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