Walking Street

Walking Street, LK Metro, Soi 6, or Soi Buakhao

Walking Street, LK Metro, Soi 6, or Soi Buakhao, where do i go to get the most out of my night in Pattaya? The answer is, each location has it’s particular optimal time of day. These three locations are the most popular in Pattaya. It’s difficult to say one place is better than the other, because at particular times of the day one place is better than another.

LK Metro combined with the bars of Soi Buakhao (pronounced bo – cow) is at peak performance during the early evening hours, from about 5 pm – 10pm. Many bars in these two areas offer happy hours, and the drinks are less expensive than on walking street at least for customers, lady’s drink prices vary but usually are between 100 – 150 Thai Baht, standard prices of Pattaya.

LK Metro

The best choice between Walking Street, Lk Metro,  Soi 6, or Soi Buakhao at 5pm would be,

to choose a casual stroll down Soi Buakhao stopping along the way at the bar of your choice. Then find your way to the GoGos in the LK Metro Complex. The Golf Club is always a good spot to refuel with food. The girls that comprise the A team of the various A GoGos will be in full make up and ready to go at about 9. Once again making LK Metro the right place at the right time for early party people.

Walking Street, LK Metro, Soi 6

Things around LK metro wind down around 2:30am and shut down for the most part at 3. Most of the best looking girls are gone by 12:30. If you’re not ready to go home at 3 the Marquee Bar is always willing to help thirsty people with a drink and a mellow mood at that time,located around the bend of Soi Buakhao  near Soi New Plaza & Pattaya Klang.

I want to say this. As far as what particular bar or GoGo has the best girls or the best vibe, those factors change daily. The girls move about frequently as well as the DJs. What’s hot today may be as dead as a doorknob tomorrow. I advise everyone to check out all the spots that peak your interest. You never know what’s waiting for you until you go inside.

Soi 6 can only be described as, off the chain,

and not a place for the faint of heart. The talent level of the girls in that area has gone up in the recent months. Even as a long time resident of this city I was surprised to see how much more attractive the girls are now.

Girls on Soi 6

Even my friends living in the Philippines leave that Asian paradise, just to have fun in Soi 6 for a couple of weeks! Some new restrictions by the government have introduced a 6pm start time for the bars and GoGos there. Soi 6 is in full swing at 6pm, doors open at 4pm, but music and revelry are kept low until 6.

It is really difficult to choose between Soi 6 and LK Metro in the early part of the evening.

Here is a tip. It’s really almost a coin toss between the two as far as fun. The choice depends very much on your mood. The girls on Soi 6 are a lot more aggressive about scratching your sexual itch immediately. There is no messing around over there if you want it, you got it. Soi 6 is about the last place in Pattaya that has a fun filled vibe like it was in the 90’s. Beautiful women everywhere willing to serve. If scratching your itch in a short amount of time is in the front of your mind. Go to Soi 6 and get your itch satisfied. Things finish up at 1 am on Soi 6.

And now we come to Walking Street. There is not another place in the world like this 1 kilometer stretch of road near the beach in Pattaya.

Walking Street is the late night choice

between Walking street, LK Metro, Soi 6, or Soi Buakhao. In addition to the bars and GoGos, Walking street has Disco’s and Pubs with state of the art sound systems and light shows. The Bars and GoGo’s start kicking around 8pm.

Walking Street

The live music pubs start around 9:30 pm, the disco’s kick it at the midnight hour. The A team of women working in the GoGos will be in full make up and ready to ‘do the do’ by 9pm.

The Bars and GoGo’s open around 8pm,

But no one will turn you away if you show up earlier. The live music pubs start around 9:30 pm, the disco’s kick in at the midnight hour. Drinks are a bit more expensive on walking street, 180 baht for a bottled beer in the discos. The greatest attraction of Walking Street is that the clubs are open till the wee hours of the morning. Most of the clubs do not stop serving drinks till about 6:30 am. For late night partygoers the choice between Walking Street, LK Metro, Soi 6, or Soi Buakhao goes to Walking Street. You won’t find another area in Pattaya devoted to pleasing the late night party people and tourists of Pattaya.

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