Traditional Thai Massage & Reflexology

The Thai massage is one of the best therapeutic massages in the world, it focuses on increasing blood flow throughout your body, relaxing and stretching all muscle groups, as well as limbering all your bone joints. The Thai massage is highly recommended for all, because of its therapeutic benefits. First timers to Thailand in particular that are in need of stress relieving therapy should definitely indulge.

You will feel the benefits from this massaging technique immediately. I strongly advise anyone who has access to this type of massage to take full advantage of the opportunity to have regular and frequent visits to the various massage parlors around town. Some masseuses are just better than others so please visit more than one place.
At the point of service you will be given some loose fitting clothing to change into. The session is billed by the hour and for you big fellows 6 feet tall or more, or 90 kg (200 lbs.) or more I recommend hiring two masseuses for the hour. Thai women are generally small and handling someone with a large body mass may be too much for one to handle alone. The Thai massage improves blood flow through every muscle group in the body. It also limbers every bone joint throughout your body as well. This massage technique touches every part of your body with unique positions for stretching and relaxing the muscles and bones of the body.

Customarily Thai massages don’t come with a ‘Happy Ending’ but in some establishments money can push tradition aside. The Thai massage is offered at all massage parlors except the Body Massage parlors (Soapy Soapy massage, they only do their specialty at those places). Prices in general start at 200 Baht per hour per masseuse up to 400 Baht per hour at the more elegant establishments.

Foot Massage or Reflexology –  Reflexology or The Foot Massage is based on the science that there are nerve endings in your feet and hands that stimulate the activity of your internal organs, such as your liver, kidneys, eyes, and lungs.

So the masseuse will massage these areas, your lower legs, feet, and hands, stimulating the nerve endings with a small blunt tool called simply enough the ‘Thai Massage Wooden Stick Tool.’


This massage therapy is also extremely relaxing and stress relieving. I can’t be sure if my eyes were stimulated by the ‘Thai Massage Wooden Stick Tool,’ or my liver and kidneys. What I do know is that I always sleep very well after a Foot Massage and sometimes during one. There is simply no way to measure the reactions that your internal organs have after they are stimulated by the masseuse through nerves in your feet, but I always feel great after the session every time. Prices start at 150 baht per hour to 300 baht per hour at the more elegant establishments. For anyone that has had an occupation where they have had to stand on their feet daily for a lengthy periods of time, The Thai Foot Massage is a must.

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  1. Thank you for the info!!!! A great massage and Facial leaves you feeling so refreshed!!! I’m glad you got the chance to enjoy that. You’ll be hooked now for sure.

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