Took Lae Dee Pattaya

Took Lae Dee is the name of a restaurant in Pattaya, Thailand. Everyone that comes to Pattaya has to know about this place, because the food is great and the prices are perfect, cheap. The name ‘Took La Dee’ translated into English means just that, ‘Cheap and Good. They specialize in Thai food as well as international cuisine, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. What makes this place special for me, besides the excellence in the variety of meals they prepare, is that they are partnered with the grocery chain, ‘Foodland.’

Took Lae Dee

So after you take that hunger edge off, you can go and shop for things you want to eat later. Just about every food item you need is there, from fresh meats, to all kinds of canned goods for various  cultures. Wherever you are from in the world you will find something you’re familiar with to eat in Foodland.


Tuk La Dee also caters to this clientele, people from all over the world that like good food, served in proper portions, for a good price. The menu transcends the language barrier, be sure to ask for it, it has clear pictures of every dish they prepare. The Specials are displayed on freestanding plaques throughout the seating area, and they are world winners in taste and presentation. Eggs Benedict, whitefish Cordon bleu, to Japanese teriyaki, the chefs do an excellent job to make sure you’re are happy with the taste. The management gives you a fair deal for the price.  


Took Lae Dee  

Took Lae Dee now has two locations in Pattaya

and possibly a third one coming soon.Their First and most popular restaurant is located on Pattaya Klang, between Big C Extra and Harbor Mall. The decor is similar to  that of a Diner, a wrap around granite bar counter table with tall cushioned bar chairs, seats about 35 people. That makes it intimate enough for you to make new friends while you wait for your order and later enjoy your meal.

Took Lae Dee

Their newest location is located on the lower level of the Royal Garden Mall, located south of Soi 13/2 on Beach Road. The seating area is much larger, and more private, with traditional tables and chairs that seat four. The area can easily hold more than 50 people at a time. The menus are identical and the food is great there also.

Whenever you’re in need of some good food, cheap, Tuk La Di is your answer.

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