My Thai girlfriend in My Home Town

My Thai Girlfriend In My Hometown

There are many that have come to Thailand to live in a tropical paradise with their love of a lifetime. But what if I want to live with my Thai girlfriend in my hometown? How does that work? Bringing your Thai girlfriend to your hometown is possible. Although that decision does come with challenges.

My Thai girlfriend in My Hometown

The first challenge I will face, having my Thai Girlfriend in my hometown, is the visa process. Our discussion will revolve around the dominant English speaking countries of the world,The United Kingdom, The United States of America, and Australia. You must bear in mind the governments of these nations do not have an open arms policy or an open door policy.  People that they categorize as unemployed or unemployable are usually not allowed a visa. The visa application process is easier for women that are professionals, like doctors, registered nurses, or dental hygienists. Owning a successful business in Thailand can make the process quite simple as well.

My Hometown

There are several types of visas, tourist visas, fiancé visas, or if applicable marriage visas. The visa process is the first step. Having my Thai girlfriend in my hometown is the objective. The quintessential area of the utmost importance is your awareness of your responsibilities for the care of your Thai girlfriend. You will be made aware of those responsibilities, when you apply for the visa . Once your visa application is approved those responsibilities are irrevocable. That means you can’t change your mind, give them to someone else, or go back in time and erase the moment you signed on that dotted line.

My Thai Girlfriend in My Hometown

If I’m one of the people that have a meaningful, cooperative, and committed relationship. My journey of love with my Thai girlfriend in my hometown has begun. If the opposite becomes my reality, and I’m the victim of the greed of a devious woman in a partnership with greedy lawyers. My financial nightmare may be never ending. Therefore being aware of what can happen to your acquired wealth if the relationship goes bad is an important part of your decision. Having my Thai girlfriend in my hometown has to be worth the risks.

What does the care and maintenance of my Thai girlfriend in my hometown mean?

Care and maintenance can be defined this way. It is your responsibility to provide for your Thai girlfriend’s needs. That responsibility includes, food, clothing, shelter, and access to medical care. These have to be provided to the person you sponsored for a period of 5 – 10 years or for the duration of her visa. Whether she is with you or not.

My Thai Girlfriend in My Home Town

Therefore if things go bad between the two of you, you are are still responsible for her living expenses. Once she has the visa she does not have to stay with you or leave your country. The length of this commitment varies slightly. For the most part, the length of her visa will define the length of your financial commitment. Conversely, some will say why even bother if you are already anticipating a negative outcome. Laws that govern our relationships are not administered equitably between men and women. As a result young Men with limited life experience need to know how to defend themselves in shark infested waters. The world we live in today requires this type of thought process. These regulations persecute Men financially much more than they do Women.

The scales of Justice

Consequently we suggest some type of prenuptial agreement for couples that plan to spend a lengthy period of time together. New legislation has practically nullified the value of prenuptial agreements in Australia.  Therefore those of you planning to bring a spouse or girlfriend to live with you there may have to be a bit more secretive and creative about protecting your hard earned wealth.

In our research we have found that the US has a very difficult visa process.

The application process could take months to years, even for married couples. The UK’s visa process is challenging as well. We do hear of more successes for UK applicants than those for the US. Visa applicants for Australia need to know that upkeep and maintenance can include stepchildren as well.

My Home Town

Accordingly, if I am brave enough to undertake the adventure of having my Thai girlfriend in my hometown. I must also be brave enough to endure the cost of this decision if things go bad. We used Thailand as an example throughout this article. Albeit these laws are applicable to any foreign woman living with you in your hometown. Anyone that you plan to live with as a wife or long term girlfriend is your responsibility. Awareness is key. Many make the decision to live with their foreign girlfriends in their hometowns without doing the research. Please be diligent in researching the laws in regards to your relationship. If you decide to live with a foreign woman in your hometown. Your hard earned savings are at stake.

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