SoHo Square Soi 16 Pattaya

SoHo Square Pattaya A New and Trendy Hotspot

SoHo Square on Walking Street has livened up with new venues of Entertainment, and chill out spots. This exciting strip of venues is located in and around the cul de sac behind the McDonalds near Soi 16 on Walking Street. SoHo Square is bringing a whole new dimension to the already established nightlife of Walking Street. Four new nightclubs have been opened. New A GoGos, eateries, and a really comfortable lounge away from all the hustle and bustle have opened as well. So Ho Square is a one stop shop for nightlife.

Club 713 offers the Hip Hop flavor. They play all the latest Hip Hop tracks. The Man keeping the vibes shaking and quaking is the Mc of All the Mc’s in Pattaya, ‘Mr Roy L T.’ The Master of all Ceremonies, spitting the right rhymes, for you to have a good time at Club 713.

Club 713

Next we Have The RAAS Club, The Nashaa Club, and The Kama Club.

These venues advertise a nightclub experience for those who like an East Indian style of nightlife. Laser Lights, comfortable seating, the hottest tracks and the hottest Dj’s of East Indian Music are all gathered together within the walls of these places. RAAS, NASHAA, and KAMA club won’t disappoint you if you’re looking for East Indian music and the happiness that goes with it. The Kama club has become notorious for its Punjabi Dj’s.


These three state of the art nightclubs in the SoHo Square section of Walking Street will provide the best sounds from East India and guarantee a great night for all who enter their doors.

The variety of entertainment venues available in SoHo square doesn’t end there.

The Cocoon club is on the scene to fill the gaps. They feature EDM, Techno, House, and Trance the night away sounds. Cocoon Club imports Dj’s from all over the world ┬áthat specialize in these genres.

Cocoon Dj LineupCocoon Entrance Hostess

And when you need to get away from all that bam and boom the Garden Romantic is the perfect place to chillout. They play the coolest, the mellowest, and the funkiest kind of house music on Walking Street. Their Bar serves up a great assortment of liqueurs and cocktails. Their unique bean  bag seating and Patio style lounge areas are perfect for chilling out.

Garden Romantic

There’s still more. Soho Square offers two different types of AGoGos. The DEJAVU Russian Cabaret featuring Russian dancers and the TOP ONE A GO GO featuring exotic dancers from Thailand.

Top One A GoGoDEJAVU Russian Cabaret

And if you want to party to the sound of your own voice. The DEJAVU Karaoke Bar, has all the worlds hits on tracks. They also have a sweet sounding microphone for your voice to echo out your favorite songs.

DEJAVU Karaoke Club

SoHo Square is its own unique entertainment complex, offering everything you need to enjoy yourself within its borders. It is definitely a place you need to check out, whether you’ve lived in Pattaya for a while, or just arrived. SoHo Square has Entertainment.

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