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Skin Color and Thailand Is It an Issue or Only Hype

In a country that contains so much variety amongst its people and its visitors, is skin color really an issue in Thailand or is it all just hype? Before we begin this discussion it needs to be stated that this article and discussion is not about racism. Racism involves hate, and I have not encountered or heard of any hate crimes directed towards people of different pigmentation in Thailand. All people are welcomed here. There are incidents and social stigmas that are a result of prejudice. Prejudice is defined as a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. The prejudging of an individual’s character based on skin color is what we will discuss.

The purpose is not to stir or fuel feelings of resentment but to help vacationers understand why things happen to particular groups of people and how they can handle it better if acts of prejudice happen to them.


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Skin color can invite an act of prejudice.

Here’s an example of how prejudice is experienced by good people just looking to have fun. If you’re a black man, without an East Indian accent, and you go inside an AGoGo many of the girls may be reluctant to talk to you. It’s not because you’re unattractive or smell bad. It’s because when those girls see interracial porn and the size of the penises of black porn stars they are deathly afraid and are not open to the idea of you putting something that big inside of them.

Skin Color

They think all black men are like that. It may take a little more time and familiarity at the AGoGo before a girl feels comfortable to go on a date with men like that.

Access to certain entertainment venues on Walking Street for men with Turbans or traditional headdress from their home country may be denied. This doesn’t happen because venue operators hate religious dress or traditional styles of clothing. It happens because allowing people that wear clothing that displays their devotion to religion or traditions is bad for the nightclub business.


The venue operators don’t want their other customers to feel any emotional conflicts

when it comes to them spending money inside their club.

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Consequently a Catholic priest with a white collar or a Buddhist Monk wearing orange robes would experience the same type of resistance, if they tried to gain entry to a venue on Walking Street. Their presence in the venue with that type of clothing is bad for business. It will make other customers uncomfortable. It’s not an attack against you, what you believe in, or where you’re from. The same person showing up to that same venue in some trendy clothes and some kool shades would solve those types of problems.

skin color

There are some venues on walking street and around town that refuse entry to men from Thailand. If you have the skin color and an outward appearance that resembles a Thai National you should carry your passport with you. That will save you a lot of aggravation when bar hopping on Walking Street. I have a friend from South Africa that is constantly denied access to venues like iBar because he looks like a Thai National. This happens when we try to enter as two single men, with girlfriends we never have a problem.

You will find out the importance of skin color,

the more you interact with the Thai culture. There is a general perception within the Thai culture that people with white and lighter skin color are very attractive. Therefore there is an overabundance of health and beauty products designed to lighten the skin, sold in Thailand.

Skin ColorSkin Color

This perception does have some advantages to single men. There are so many Thai women with darker complexions that are absolutely stunning. They don’t think of themselves as beautiful and that little bit of lower self esteem makes them sometimes more approachable to meet and date.

Skin ColorSkin Color




You will not find racism or hate directed towards you because of the color of your skin in Thailand. You may encounter acts of prejudice. The best way to counter those acts is to be a positive and mannerly visitor to this beautiful country. A smile and a gentle tone of voice can break through prejudices in Thailand like a hot knife through butter.

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