Moving to Thailand

Moving to Thailand / Party Like a Rock Star at 60

Moving to Thailand as a retirement destination will allow you to live life as a rock star.

It may seem hard to believe. It’s even harder to convince people that have lived a life of hard work and high living overhead, that this kind of lifestyle is available to someone living off of America’s social security benefits. But It’s true, and it can be a reality for you! Because it is a reality for me and other expatriates that have left the mainland and come to the exotic and affordable shores of Thailand. Moving to Thailand or other regions of Southeast Asia offers life changing living alternatives.

Moving to Thailand

All the collaborators involved in this discussion strongly urge you to explore this living option. We have all shared this information with our closest friends and relatives. Now we are making this information available to you as well. We know that most of the people living and working in the civilized industrial complexes of Europe, North America, and Africa don’t realize they have a choice to relocate to an area of the world that’s clean and affordable, with access to quality medical care. The choice is real, it’s here now and it needs to be checked out by you!!!

What is so great about moving to Thailand?

The answer to that question is; the prices!! The cost of your daily living requirements go down to an amount that is manageable on a retiree’s allowance. You can find very comfortable places to live in Thailand

Party Like a Rock Star at 60

at unbelievable prices. In the big cities of Pattaya, Bangkok, and Patong Phuket a 1 bedroom Apartment with all the modern appliances, fully furnished can be rented for less than US$300 per month or purchased for approximately €40,000. You can eat healthy meals for €2. You can also purchase most of your prescription medications over the counter at the closest pharmacy, for a fraction of the cost that they are sold for in parts of North America.

At the Thai Pharmacy

If you decide to live in Thailand

your personal monthly living expenses can be as low as €1,500(US$1,792.00). €400 a month for housing,  a smartphone and internet service, plus US$200 for 2 or 3 meals a day on a budget of US$5 per day. In total we’re looking at less than €600 a month in expenses, leaving about €900 (US$ 1,075)monthly as disposable income. And I can assure you; you can have a lot of fun exploring, or partying in Thailand with €900. At the current exchange rate being 39.5 Thai Baht for 1 Euro at the time of my writing. Including the massage therapy you can get for $10 for a 1 hour session. It’s one of the best deals we have seen in all our years on the planet.

Meet Beautiful Thai Women

Why is it so important for you to know about the possibilities of moving to Thailand. We feel that it’s important for all of us to know that you have an option and choice that could make your life more enjoyable. And that choice includes alternative living styles in countries like Thailand.

Many say that Thailand is just a sex destination. What we have to say is that Thailand is much much more than unbridled sexual adventures. Many who criticize Thailand for that aspect of the culture come out of cultures with strong victorian traditions and values. I can say that those victorian values have not been a part of the culture here, sex and affection is something that’s shared in a different and more satisfying way. Your interaction with that side of Thailand is in the words of one of the most famous expressions of the Land Of Smiles “Up To You.”

Moving yo Thailand

Is Moving to Thailand a good idea for couples?

There are many happy couples living in Thailand from every corner of the globe. During my interviews with these couples, one common accord came out of all the discussions. All the couples shared their life experiences of lower stress levels for their day to day activities. It seems as though less stress helps relationships. Hmmmmmmmm!!!!

Mark Twain put together some words that hit the heart of this discussion.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. And many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the Earth…..”

Mark Twain

In this 21st century we can now travel to every corner of the globe within 24 hours. Trips that 100 years ago would have taken weeks and months can now be done in a day. Being a part of the 21st century allows you to take advantage of the innovations in traveling and the broken barriers of language. You have no excuse. These opportunities must be used by us to see with our own eyes what our beautiful planet and its peoples are like.

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