Long Time / Long Gone

Long Time / Long Gone / A New Definition

Long time or short time? That is truly the question of the night. Music to the ears before a fun night of romping in the bedroom. Before you pay the bar fine at the AGoGO, when you meet a freelancer at the club, and even at the beer bar. you will usually be asked the question long time or short time? What that question is supposed to mean is do you want company for two hours or till the next sunrise.

Long Time / Long Gone

What the new definition between short time and long time has become is; Do you want company for two hours or do you want company for two hours and fifteen minutes? And are you willing to pay time and a half for the extra 15 minutes? Long times till the next sunrise are from days long gone.


In order to understand what happened to the fabled long time,

we will have to go back in time. Back to a block of time 5 – 10 years ago, in the days when Pattaya was a town overflowing with the sexy and stunning young Thai ladies looking for a long term benefactor. That long term can be defined as most of your holiday time in Thailand or as much of your life in Thailand. Whichever objective could be achieved. There was so much competition amongst the abundance of girls to choose from.

Long Time / Long Gone

When a girl got your attention she did whatever she could do to be the focus of your attention. If that meant being by your side 24 hours a day so be it. Having a breadwinner in the family was worth all that time and effort.

As the residents and visitors to Thailand got older,

along with a higher number of Asian tourists from India, China, and Korea, adding to this the fact, that most of the residents were already taken and only looking for short times too, made the prospect of finding a long term benefactor from this demographic very low. The increased odds of finding someone that didn’t mind paying top dollar for two hours of excitement changed the game 360 degrees. Therefore it became more beneficial to no longer seek long time employment in the family business. The hourly wages can work out better for this group of consumers. Especially if you’re a light skinned Asian fantasy, home run out of the ballpark!!


Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free works both ways. Other girls that wanted to earn a living laying on their backs or sucking ice cream cones all day went to other countries like Bahrain, Korea, and Dubai. Resulting in a lot less women of high sensual standards to play with back at the Pattaya roundup.

All hope is not lost.

If you truly wish to be a long term benefactor to the girl of your dreams. You can make that wish come true.

Keep Hope Alive

Wonderful and lasting relationships are still forged and and enjoyed with true romance and commitment. it’s just a little harder to find. You may have to run through a few till you find ‘The Precious.’

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