Be Yourself, Pattaya, Thailand

Did you ever think there would be a destination in the world where you can free yourself to be yourself? There is, and the name of that place is Pattaya in Thailand. As long as being you doesn’t harm others, you can be yourself and no one bothers you.

You may ask, what do we mean when we say be yourself? We will answer you this way. Pattaya is a city full of a host of strange characters who live or travel here so they can relax and be themselves.

Be Yourself

We have people that dress up as clowns when they go out to socialize. Others where gold glitter costumes and ride unique bicycles around town. Some come here to be Playboys and Playgirls indulging themselves in their sexual fantasies. Others come here so that they can change their sex or feel free to behave as a person of the opposite sex.

Be Yourself in Pattaya

Some come to Pattaya to transform themselves into a human of both sexes.

There is almost no limit as to how you can be yourself.

The underwater sea adventures you can have in the crystal clear oceans around the islands of Thailand are the real deal!

Be yourself in the sea

You can be like the next Jacque Cousteau, a true legend in underwater exploration. It’s all good in Pattaya, as long as you truly come in peace.

The 21st century has also brought about a sexual revolution. Same sex relationships are no longer frowned upon by society as a whole. So what does that mean to you or me when we travel to or live in Pattaya? It means the competition for your loved one’s affections has now increased exponentially.

Be Yourself

The fire of passion is an observable emotion.

And those that see it desire it for themselves. The previous generation only had to compete predominantly with members of the opposite sex for their lover’s affections. Today’s generation has to compete with members of the same sex, as their lover, as well as members of the opposite sex.

Be Yourself

The romance game has changed dramatically for this generation. That means everyone has to be on their toes, making sure the person who is the focus of your affection is happy and well attended to.

Be Yourself in Thailand

The sharks are ferocious and their attacks are never ending. If you find someone or if someone finds you and the magic of romance has manifested between you. Be sure to nurture it, fan the flames of affection and never let the fire go out. The moment that you let your guard down your competitors from either sex will be using every bit of cunning they can muster to steal your precious one away. It’s a new age and with it comes new challenges. Be prepared to defeat your enemies, use all your energy to keep your lover’s attention focused on you. There aren’t any closets to come out of in Pattaya. Once you’re inside the city limits the freedom to be yourself in this unique destination exists.

The best part about this is that it is not a lifestyle for the rich only. It’s an affordable experience you should witness firsthand.

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