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The Bar Girl and The Beer Bar are venerable institutions in Thailand. I can say for myself, that I have made lifetime friendships with the owners and the girls that have worked in The Bars throughout my stay here in Thailand. What exactly is a Beer Bar in Thailand and why is it different than a Hooters or the bar inside of a Hard Rock Hotel. The Bar or Beer Bar employs 5 – 20 girls as, for lack of a better word, Hostesses to entertain the clientele at The Bar. The Hostesses (Bar Girls) will keep you company while you sit at The Bar and engage in conversation with you, play games with you, and do their best to make sure you enjoy your time when you come to sit at that particular Bar.

Beer Bars

It’s difficult to feel lonely when you come to The Bar like this. Everyone is truly friendly and genuine about seeing to it that you enjoy your time with them. The added benefit of spending time at The Beer Bar is that you can Bar Fine some of the Hostesses (Bar Girl) and your choice will accompany you for the night and enjoy spending time with you at other venues of your choosing. You can also ask The Hostess if she would like to engage in something a bit more intimate at your hotel room for an additional fee.
I’d like to take the time here to give you a description of a Beer Bar and a definition of a Bar Fine. A Beer bar is a simple bar serving alcohol and beer at reasonable prices. In an area of high foot traffic in Thailand.

Beer Bar

A Bar Fine is what you pay the owner to allow a Hostess of your choosing to leave The Bar and go out with you. The principle of the bar fine is for you to compensate the bar owner for the money he loses when the girl leaves the bar and is no longer soliciting drinks for The Bar. The bar fine ranges from 300 Baht to 700 Baht on average in Pattaya, in Southern Thailand in Patong, Phuket, Bar fines start at 700 up to 1,500 Baht.

What is the difference between a bar girl that works in The Bar or one that works in the GoGo? The major difference today in 2017 is the age, body type, and gender. For the most part girls working in The Bar are older and slightly less attractive than the girls that work at the GoGos. In the glory Days of yesteryears, the early 2000’s and the 1990’s you could potentially meet a wife at at a Beer Bar and the Bar Girls were aggressively looking for husbands and boyfriends. The girls were very attractive as well. But in 2017 we find this attitude showing up less and less at The Bar and the number of beautiful eligible young women going down as well. Although finding a diamond in the rough is still possible.

Today’s bar girl could be looked at as a seasoned veteran.

They know the playbook and do the job the way it needs to be done. The number of beautiful women at The Bar may have diminished but the good time to be had has not. So don’t overlook these havens of companionship when you’re out and about. One of my favorite Bars are Pim’s Bars located in Simon Beer Bar complex I & II on Walking Street. Soi Buakhao is full from beginning to end of great Bars with a wonderful vibe for enjoyment, another one of my favorite Bars on that Soi is The Marquee Bar

Beer Bars

Bar Girl

located around the bend near Soi New Plaza & Pattaya Klang. Soi 6 has renewed its popularity as a place to find cute Bar Girls, I think because they don’t allow Lady Boys and women to work in the same establishment has helped their cause tremendously. Soi 7 & 8 famous for years for their Beer Bars still has the potential to offer a great night out, but be forewarned about the Lady Boys, and remember your anatomy check if you get confused about the gender of the hostess tending to you.

Meet Beautiful Thai Girls

There are also quite a few Beer Bars in Naklua on 2nd Road from Soi 4 up to the Dolphin Circle, ending with a Drinking Street Beer Bar complex containing mixed genders near to the Dolphin Circle. There is also a complex of Beer Bars when you enter Jomtien From Thappraya Road directly after the traffic light on the left side next to the Kiss Food Restaurant (A great, clean, and safe place to eat Thai & Western food). Bars and Beer Bars are everywhere in Pattaya not just at the locations I have shared, and everyone of them is worth a look because you never know if your diamond in the rough might be there waiting to meet you!

Beer bars are very easy to find on Walking Street. If you are living on the other side of Sukhumvit Road, Known to locals as the ‘dark side,’ you may need some help. Please use the map below to help you find your way around on that side of town.


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